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Spanish Club / Club de Español

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All are welcome, grad students, under-grad students, faculty, and the community alike. You can follow us (if you wish) at our Facebook and Twitter pages, and of course the official ASUU site.

Through our academic and professional careers and life experiences we have learned that learning and knowing other languages opens doors to communicating, sharing, and getting to know millions of other people in the world. Embracing these cultures enrich our own and help us become better global citizens. This bridges the gaps between countries, melts away borders, and through this we have made lifetime friendships that we would not have otherwise been able to accomplish simply knowing English. This club and these services/activities would fulfill this goal and create a closer knit community among the learners of Spanish in the Department of Languages and Literature and infuse more culture in their lives.

The Spanish Club goals: 

  • Provide service to the Spanish speaking community and to students of the University of Utah
  • Provide an advanced conversation section of the club of themes that one can find in the Praxis exams or the OPI’s to better one’s academic language.
  • Provide a separate advanced conversation section to advance one’s communicative language through everyday conversation.
  • Provide cultural activities

Spring 2016 Events 

All information regarding events will be posted on our Facebook page.  

Last Updated: 8/8/16