The Study of Turkish


Turkish is from the Central Asian Altaic language family. Modern Turkish is the succesor of Ottoman Turkish and is written in Latin alphabet since the 1920s. It is spoken in Turkey (about 70 million people) and parts of Cyprus, Balkans and Europe.

The study of Turkish langauge, literature and culture at the University of Utah is offered by the Department of Languages and Literature and the Middle East Center. First and second year Turkish are offered every year, whereas third year and Ottoman Turkish are offered every other year.

There are also scholarly and social activities organized to bring the students of Turkish and the Turkish community in Salt Lake City together such as lecture series and Turkish Hour and Turkish Film series. Click here for more information.

As of 2010 Summer, a study abroad program in Turkey will be offered for students of Turkish to explore the language and culture in its place, please see the "Study Abroad" link at the top of this page.

For Turkish scholarship and funding opportunities please visit the "Scholarship" links on the top of this page.

Turkish is part of the interdisciplinary program in Middle East Studies. If you have questions about the Turkish program and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle East Studies—Turkish, please call the Middle East Center.

For information about degrees in Turkish, classes, and faculty, click on the links above. If you have further questions about the Turkish program, please call the Middle East Center at (801) 581-6181.