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Language Placement Tests

LNCO 1400
255 Central Campus Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 3:00pm

  • Languages offered: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Arabic.
  • Language Placement Tests are given at the Department of World Languages and Cultures main office.

  • Tests are given during normal business hours.

  • Most people complete the test in 1 hour or less.

  • The cost is $20.00, cash or check only. We are not able to take credit cards.

  • You must know your University ID Number.

  • Results will be emailed to your Umail account and can take up to two weeks.

  • The test may not be taken more than once per semester.

  • Graduate Students needing to take the test for Grad Language Verification MUST make an appointment by calling our office.

    • Graduate students will need to complete the Graduate Language Verification form and turn it into Darci Rollins. To find the form and for additional information please click here.

  • Undergraduate studentswishing to purchase credits MUST make an appointment by calling our office.

    *Starting immediately students who take the placement test after Feb. 1, 2013 have one year from the test date to purchase credits for the classes they test out of.

Who needs to take a language placement test?

  • Anyone wishing to take a language class,  who previously had language instruction in the last 5 years (unless they have stayed on track in a language class sequence).
  • Any student desiring accurate language class placement.
  • Undergraduate students who want to prove language proficiency in order to purchase credits to fulfill the BA Language Requirement
  • Graduate students who need to prove language proficiency for the Grad Lang Verification



Last Updated: 12/15/16