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Purchasing Language Credits

About Purchasing Credits

Students who are fluent in a foreign language and have NEVER taken a lower-level class in that language are usually eligible to purchase 16 lower division credit hours.

  • Credits may only be purchased in a block of 16. 
  • These credits are NON-REFUNDABLE; make sure you need lower division credit hours before purchasing them.
  • These are lower division credits (1010-2020 level) and they do not count towards any language major or minor.

How to Qualify to Purchase Credits:

  • Language Placement Test: You MUST make an appointment with the Dibona Center to take the test if you choose this option. If you want to buy credits by taking our placement test you have to be a registered student at the University of Utah and have a University of Utah ID number. Please look at the Placement Test page for more information.
  • Language Proficiency Tests (MLA or FLATS): The Testing Center at the U is no longer offering the MLA, but we will accept MLA results that are less than one year old. If the language you would like to test out of is not offered by the Placement Test at the Dibona Center, you will have to take the FLATS test. FLATS is offered by BYU and proctored at the U of U Testing Center. In order to fulfill the BA Language requirement with the FLATS or MLA you must purchase all 16 lower division credit hours.
    • Although the FLATS test results list 12 credits, at the U of U you are eligible for 16.
  • 3060 Level Language Class: If you pass a 3060 class with a B- or better you have the option of purchasing the 16 lower division credit hours assuming you have never taken 1010-2020 in that language.
    * Students who take a test to purchase credits after February 1, 2013 have one year from the test date to purchase credits.

**Although information about Purchasing Language Credit might be found on other websites, this page is the official policy of the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Please note:

  • International Students are not eligible to purchase credit in their native language

  • Students may only purchase credit for one foreign language for a maximum of 16 credits

  • If you have taken a class equal to 1010, 1020, 2010, or 2020 in the same language you intend to purchase, you won't be eligible to purchase credits. Please contact our advisor if you have questions about this! 

How to purchase credits

1- Make an appointment with one of our Academic Advisors Book an advising appointment

2- If you took the U of U placement test, Lisa can check your score in the database; for the MLA or FLATS bring a copy of the results with you.

3- Whether you took the test or passed a 3060 class, you must bring a copy of your DARS and your student ID.

4- The advisor will complete the Petition for Language Credits and you will take that to Income Accounting to pay for the credits, $640 for 16 ($40/credit).

5- The credit hours will appear on your DARS approximately 2 weeks after you have paid for them.

6- The credits purchased will not have a grade and will not affect your GPA.

Last Updated: 2/15/17