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Department Administration

Katharina Gerstenberger
Department Chair

Margaret Toscano
Graduate Director

Randall Stewart
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Auxiliary Faculty

Hossam Ahmed
Instructor (Lecturer)
2007 M.A. University of Utah 
1997 B.A. Alexandria University, Egypt 
Office Phone: 585-0639

Sheri Anderson
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Office Phone: (801) 587-8242

Gary Atwood
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
2006 PhD University of California, Irvine 
Office: 1956 LNCO
Office Phone: 581-5229

Timothy Cannon
Instructor (Lecturer)
2005 BA - Spanish Utah State University 
2005 BA - Business Admin Utah State University 
Office: 1930 LNCO
Office Hours: Thurs 10:40-12:40 and After 2pm by appointment
Office Phone: 585-3014

Kuiweon Cho
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
1995 PhD University of Utah 
1976 MA Ohio State University 
1975 MA Sogang Jesuit University 
Office: 1301 LNCO
Office Hours: Tuesdays at 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Office Phone: 585-3010

Alexis Christensen
Visiting Assistant Professor
2006 Ph.D. Florida State University 
Office: 1328 LNCO
Office Phone: 581-6057

Rimma Garn
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
2004 Ph.D. UNC-Chapel Hilll 
Office Phone: (801) 581-6005

Maya Gerig
Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
2006 Ph.D UNC Chapel Hill 
2003 M.A. UNC Chapel Hill 
Office: 1212 LNCO
Office Phone: 581-7737

David Gruenbaum
Instructor (Lecturer)
2006 University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 
2001 Creighton University, Omaha, NE 
Office: 1312 LNCO
Office Hours: Tu/Th 10:00-11:30am

Shira Halevi
Adjunct Instructor

Cheng-Hua (Janet) Kerr
Instructor (Lecturer)
Office: 1324 LNCO
Office Phone: 585-3004

Christopher Lewis
Visiting Assistant Professor
2011 Harvard University 
Office: 1423 LNCO
Office Hours: T, H 3:20 - 4:20
Office Phone: (801) 581-4604

Giuliana Marple
Instructor (Lecturer)
2001 M.A.T. University of Utah 
1994 Diploma E U-- Brussels 
1992 B.A. Brigham Young University 
1987 Diploma Paolo Boselli, Italy 
Ph.D. Candidate University of Utah 
Office: 1303 LNCO
Office Phone: (801) 585-3008

Lucia Rubio
Instructor (Lecturer)
Office: 1228 LNCO
Office Phone: 585-3006

Deberniere Torrey
Visiting Assistant Professor
2010 Penn State University 
2000 St. John's College Annapolis 
Office: 1316 LNCO
Office Hours: Mon 2:00-3:00; Wed 3:00-4:00
Office Phone: (801) 381-7990