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Faculty Publications


Unspeakable Secrets and the Psychoanalysis of Culture

Family Secrets and the Psychoanalysis of Narrative


After the Berlin Wall
Writing the New Berlin


Select Poems of Cao Zhi

Written at Imperial Command

The Poetics of Decadence


The Saxon Mirror

Re-Membering the Present

Full Circle


Business Japanese

Senkyo Enzetsu no Gengogaku

Shakai Gengogaku Nyuumon


Tracing the Boundaries between Hindi and Urdu

Christine Everaert Essential Hindi Grammar
Margaret Toscano Hell and Its Afterlife
Jerry Root The Theophilus Legend in Medieval Text
Nathan Devir New Children of Israel
Rural Revisions of Golden Age Drama by Elena Garcia-Martin
/Alejandro Quin Authoritarianism Cultural History and Political Resistance in Latin America Exposing Paraguay
Last Updated: 3/23/18