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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Department of World Languages and Cultures?

The Language & Communication building (LNCO) is just east of Orson Spencer Hall (OSH) and south of the Union visitors' parking lot. It is shown on the campus map in yellow. Our office is located on the first floor in Suite 1400. The closest entrance to our office is the main west entrance of the building. Click here for Campus Map

How can I register for a class that is full?

In general, the Department of World Languages and Cultures does not maintain waiting lists of students trying to get into classes. This is especially true of classes numbered 3060 and below, since instructors for these classes often can change shortly before classes begin. The best way to add a class that is full is to attend the first session of class and speak with the instructor. Getting in touch with them ahead of time is fine, but few instructors are in the office prior to the beginning of the term and most prefer to add students at the first or second session of class after some students have dropped so that they can adjust the class size based on manageability and facilities available.

Where do I get the permission code for a class that is full?

The Department does not give out permission codes for admission into full classes. A permission code must be obtained from the instructor on the first day of class.

How do I apply to the graduate program?

Graduate Program application information is on the Graduate Program section of theWorld Languages and Cultures Web site. From our home page, click on the Graduate Program link and then the Admissions Information link.

If I am a native speaker of my target language, do I have to submit a writing sample in that language as part of the graduate admissions process?

Yes, every applicant needs to submit a critical writing sample in both English and their target language.

When applying to the graduate program, do I have to submit a speaking sample of English if I am a native English speaker?

Yes, all applicants must submit speaking samples of both English and their target language as part of the application process.

How long does the graduate program application process take?

Once all the materials have been received, the file is circulated to the faculty for review, then the committee meets to discuss potential students. This process normally takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Where can I find admissions requirements for a graduate degree in the Department?

Graduate Program admission requirements are found by clicking on the Graduate Program link on the World Languages and Cultures home page.

Last Updated: 11/30/16