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Featured Courses

Voices from EmpireVoices from Empire

Empire and the Lusotropicalist Myth in the literature of Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Macao, and Goa.
Conducted in Portuguese.



The Guerrilla from IpanemaThe Guerrilla from Ipanema

Brazilian popular music’s role as an important forum for political expression and resistance — a lens for history, culture, and national identity during the twenty-one years of the military regime. Conducted in Portuguese


Brazilian LiteratureBrazilian Literature

Readings in Brazilian Literature from the colonial period to the present, covering varied genres in their respective cultural, historical, and aesthetic contexts. Conducted in Portuguese.

Film, Memory, and Post-Conflict

Film, Memory, and Post-Conflict 

This seminar examines how film constructs and represents memory in Latin American post-conflict societies. 
Conducted in Spanish. 


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