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Tuition Benefit Program Guidelines

Funding and Responsibilities 

2016-2017 Academic Year Minimum Support Levels

$7,250 per semester: 100% (full) tuition benefit
$3,625 per semester: 50% (half) tuition benefit

Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA): A graduate student with instructional responsibilities as instructor of record, assistant to the instructor of record or tutor. Duties may include lecturing, holding discussion or problem sessions, conducting laboratory sections, conducting studio or performance work, online instruction, grading, tutoring, and holding office hours. 

Depending on level of funding, department TAs teach one of our 1010-2020 undergraduate language courses, or assist as a grader. 

Graduate students receiving a tuition benefit are expected to fulfill the responsibilities appropriate to their specific assignments. Faculty may expect up to 20 hours of work a week (0.50 FTE) from students receiving a 100% (full) tuition benefit, and 10 hours a week (0.25 FTE) from students receiving a 50% (half) tuition benefit. Students working one or more on-campus jobs with a combined FTE greater than a 0.74 FTE are ineligible to participate in the Graduate Tuition Benefit Program.

For more information please visit the Graduate School website.

Registration Requirements

Students participating in the Tuition Benefit Program (TBP) must be the following requirements:

  • Registered as a full-time (9 credit hours) matriculated student throughout the semester.
    Note: TBP will only pay for graduate credit hours.
  • Undergraduate, contract, and/or audited courses, repeated courses, and credit/noncredit courses count toward the required minimum nine credit hours but do not qualify for a tuition benefitThe TBP will only pay for up to 12 gradaute credit hours. Students adding and or dropping course after the semester's published add/drop deadlines are responsible for any and all charges incurred.
  • Be in academic good standings with a cumulative 3.0 GPA.

For more information please visit the Graduate School website.


The TBP covers general graduate tuition and mandatory fees. Students may participate in the TBP for a limited number of semesters, which need not be sequential. Time limits for participation in the TBP are as follows:

  1. Students in a master's program are limited to two years (four semesters) of tuition benefit support.
  2. Students in a doctoral program who entered with a bachelor's degree are limited to five years (10 semesters) of tuition benefit support.
  3. Students in a doctoral program who also received a master's degree at the University of Utah are limited to five years of tuition benefit support (two years for a master's + three additional years for a doctorate).
  4. Students entering a doctoral program with a master's degree from another university are eligible for four years (eight semesters) of tuition benefit support.

Doctoral students who fall under categories 2 and 3 above and who have served a minimum of four semesters as full-time TAs (0.50 FTE or 20 hrs/ week) may receive an additional year (two semesters) of tuition benefit support beyond the limits described above. In order for the student to receive this time extension, please contact the department's graduate Academic Coordinator.

For more information please visit the Graduate School website.

Subsidized Graduate Health Insurance

Subsidized insurance is available to TAs and RAs, who are receiving a full 100% tuition benefit. The insurance is the same Student Health Insurance policy offered to all U of U students.

UnitedHealthcare is the insurance provider. Coverage for dependents is not subsidized. Students who wish to add dependents to their policy may do so any time during the open enrollment period. For questions about coverage, depend coverage, or customer service please visit their website, or call 1-800-767-0700. For dependent billing questions, contact Karen Lesch | | 1-800-237-0903 x6253.

Qualifying students are billed for 20% of the premium through Income Accounting, the Graduate School pays the remaining 80% at the beginning of each semester.

Rates and brochures for the subsidized graduate health insurance policy through UnitedHealthcare are available online, or from:

Student Health Services
Madsen Health Center Level 1
555 Foothill Blvd.
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112

Medical assistance is provided at the Student Health Center please visit their website for more information.

Insurance ID Cards: All students that signed up for UnitedHealthCare should receive and email approximately 10 business days after enrollment that explains how to set up an online account and print their UnitedHealthCare ID card. If you do not receive a card please call customer service at 1-800-767-0700. Go to the UnitedHealthCare website to set up an account and print the ID card.

International students:

All international students must have health insurance. International students on a tuition benefit will automatically be signed up for subsidized health insurance, which will be billed to a student's tuition. International students can only waive coverage if they already have an insurance policy that meets specific requirements. For more information on this requirement please click here.

International students must go to to either waive or confirm health insurance coverage. 

For questions regarding international student coverage please contact Kerry Hill | | 801-581-5804.

Important Tips and Dates

TBP Signature Sheet

  • Students are required to agree with the terms and guidelines of the TBP every semester. You will be prompted to provide an electronic signature in CIS under "Graduate Tuition Benefit Approval." For further directions on how to access the signature sheet, click here for the Tuition Benefit Signature Sheet Info.

    • The "Accept" button at the bottom of the page reflects that you agrees to all the terms and guidelines that apply to the TBP. You are not accepting or declining health insurance. Everyone should accept their Tuition Benefits.

    • Signature Sheet: Under the column "Hlth Ins" (Health Insurance) the N reflects "No, you decline Health Insurance", or the Y "Yes, you accept Health Insurance."
  • Students should frequently check their tuition bill statement for unpaid balances. Please contact Income Accounting if you have unknown charges.

*NOTE:  All students are required to report whether or not they will accept the Subsidized Graduate Health Insurance. Please either email or deliver the Insurance Declaration form to the department by the end of the week of the beginning of each semester.

Subsidized Health Insurance

  • Payment for the Subsidized Health Insurance premium is usually due a little less than one month after classes begin.
    • Online payment for both the Subsidized Health Insurance premium and any extra tuition fees can be paid through CIS, directly above the "Graduate Benefit Approval" link (Finance - Tuition & Loans - Tuition Bill / Pay Tuition), or paid in person at the Income Accounting window (Student Services Building Room 165).
Last Updated: 5/17/17