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Entrance Requirements

A bachelor's degree in French literature and culture, or a strong undergraduate record in Humanities if the Bachelor's degree was obtained in another academic subject.

A cumulative GPA of 3.0. Liberal Education courses covering prominent works of literature and philosophy will strengthen an applicant's eligibility.

Significant deficiencies in this preparatory coursework must be made up before admission into M.A. status; for minor deficiencies, admission is possible but "make-up" courses may be added to the degree requirements outlined below.

Required Coursework

Our MA students take a minimum of 10 department courses, including the following core courses:

Required Courses:

I. WLC 6600: Introduction to Research and Bibliography

II. One (1) of the following Literary Theory and Criticism courses:

CLCS 6760: Literary Theory and Criticism: Antiquity to Early Modern
CLCS 6761: Literary Theory and Criticism: Romanticism to Early 20th Century 
CLCS 6762: Literary Theory and Criticism: Contemporary

III. A minimum of seven (7) courses in your language area

IV. Students with a TAship are also required to take WLC 6410 in the first semester

Language Proficiency

Students must prove "Standard Proficiency" (second-semester language course 1020) in one language other than English and French.

Completing your Degree

Comprehensive Oral Exam:

Each student must pass a Comprehensive Oral Final Exam at or near the completion of coursework. This Comprehensive Exam will be based on the French reading list. Students are expected to begin reading for this exam during the summer after their first year at the latest and will be give further advice about preparation in the fall of the 2nd year.

Academic Advising and Supervisory Committee

During the first semester of graduate work, the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), in conjunction with the Section Coordinator, will be the student's academic advisor. In late August, the student is to consult with the coodinators and get the written approval for all course work to be taken during the first semester, which will be placed in the student's departmental file. By March 1 of the first year, the student will form a 3 member Supervisory Committee, in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies. From then on, the Chair of the Committee will be the student's advisor in planning her/his academic program, examinations.

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