Language Pedagogy M.A. (MALP)

The Master of Arts in Spanish Language Pedagogy (MALP) exposes the student of Spanish to three main areas of study: language pedagogy, second language acquisition, and the literature and culture of the target area. The course of study focuses on developing professional skills and enabling students to critically evaluate and apply literature and research in the discipline. The MALP prepares students to teach adult learners at post-secondary institutions and private secondary institutions, or to continue graduate work in second language acquisition, research and pedagogy. The program does not offer public school certification. 

Students in the MALP program have the option to study in Oviedo, Spain for one year.

Spanish Program Coordinator:

Professor Fernando Rubio
1415 LNCO, 581-4610

Entrance Requirements

  1. A Bachelor's degree in Spanish, Spanish language teaching, or linguistics, or a strong undergraduate record in such a field, if the degree was obtained in another academic subject.
  2. A GPA of 3.0, or significant strength in the second language, language teaching methodology, or linguistics as shown through coursework.
  3. Completion of Linguistics 1200 or 3200: Introduction to the Study of Language or its equivalent prior to entrance, with a grade of B- or better. May be taken as a co-requisite during the first semester of study. Linguistics 1200 is often offered during the summer

Graduation Requirements

Candidates in M.A. Language Pedagogy should possess proficiency in Spanish at the Advanced Level (or its equivalent) according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

In their last semester of study students must complete a comprehensive examination based on the MALP reading list. The exam covers three areas: (1) Language Teaching Methodologies; (2) Second Language Acquisition; (3) Elective area to be selected in consultation with the MALP advisor

TESOL Certification Option

To obtain the TESOL Certificate, students will complete Linguistics 6233: Pedagogical Structure of English and Linguistics 6813: Practicum. Students who wish to obtain the TESOL Certificate must go through advising in the Linguistics department and set up a separate file.

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