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CLCS specialization - PhD in Languages & Literature

The PhD emphasis in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) is characterized by its unique combination of depth and breadth — a combination that promotes innovative and illuminating intersections among diverse fields of study. All PhD students must choose a minimum of two language/culture areas beyond English. Students with a European emphasis typically choose literature, culture, and theory seminars from at least two of the Department’s graduate focus areas (Spanish, French, and German). Strong offerings in Middle Eastern languages and literatures form another critical cluster. In addition, qualified students may tailor individualized programs of study that draw on faculty expertise in areas ranging from Japanese and Chinese literature to Russian and the classics, among others. All PhD students additionally take theory and topic seminars taught in English that bring together overarching ideas from across the field. A heterogeneous approach to combining courses and topics is encouraged — an approach that continues in the student’s comprehensive examinations, independent research, and dissertation.

Recent graduate courses in CLCS: “The Sublime from Kant to Mishima, Murakami, and Kushner;” “Film, Popular Culture, and Psychoanalysis,” “The Idea of the Self East and West,” “Literary Translation,” and “Iran and the West”.

Entrance Requirements

A University of Utah MA with an emphasis in CLCS or an equivalent degree from another University. In most cases, the candidate’s graduate and/or undergraduate transcripts must demonstrate substantial literary and theoretical course work in at least one of the language/literature areas emphasized by the University of Utah graduate program (French or Spanish). Significant deficiencies in this preparatory coursework (courses required for the University of Utah MA with CLCS emphasis) must be made up before admission to PhD-student status. For minor deficiencies, admission is possible but make-up courses may be added as additional requirements to those outlined below. In compelling cases, students with a different entrance profile (e.g. MA-level training in areas other than French and/or Spanish) may be considered for admission to the Languages and Literature PhD with a CLCS emphasis Program providing that the student is sufficiently trained in general literary theory and criticism and that her/his areas of interest can be accommodated by faculty within the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

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Last Updated: 9/13/16