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Arab Gateway: the Arabic language page provides information and links to other Arabic sites, including information on literature, culture, art, cinema, books, and varieties of Arabic and other languages spoken in individual countries
Provides information about individual countries and links to other sites.

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Images from Egypt. A view of Egypt's timed civilization: Pharaonic, Phtolemic/Roman, Coptic, Islamic, Modern. Check this site's home page for other links and information on Egypt.

Intensive Summer Language Program

Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA), Cairo, Egypt

Middlebury School of Languages (Students are required to sign a pledge to use only Arabic)

Arabic Language Institute in Fez, Morocco

Yarmuk University


AATA (American Association of Teachers of Arabic)

MESA (Middle East Studies Association)

E-mail Lists

ARABIC-L is a list for Arabic Linguistics and Arabic Language Teaching, sponsored by Brigham Young University, the Arabic Linguistics Society and the American Association of Teachers of Arabic. The list encourages contributions, squibs, queries and responses in those areas. To subscribe to ARABIC-L, send a message with the text: "subscribe ARABIC-L your name" to

ADABIYAT is a list for the discussion of the literatures of the Middle East, especially (but not limited to) Persian, Arabic, Turkish and Urdu. To join, send a message with the text: "subscribe adabiyat" to

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