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Mitch Jensen

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American Sign Language


The Study of American Sign Language

What is American Sign Language?

Sign language is based on the idea that sight is the most useful tool a deaf person has to communicate and receive information. Thus, ASL uses hand shape, position, and movement; body movements; gestures; facial expressions; and other visual cues to form its words.

Why should you study American Sign Language?

American Sign Language (ASL) is growing in popularity as many students choose to learn it, because it is a fascinating language to learn. Not only is ASL a fun language to learn, it is popular because of the variety of situations where it can be used. Currently ASL is the fourth most commonly used language in the United States. ASL can be used in many other areas, such as:

  1. Deaf education
  2. Teaching ASL
  3. Interpreting
  4. Social work
  5. Counseling
  6. Using ASL in the workplace
  7. Talking with your mouth full

We offer up to the 2020 level of ASL classes, and do not have a major or minor in ASL.