Cambodian (Khmer)


CAMB 1010 Beginning Cambodian I
CAMB 1020 Beginning Cambodian II
CAMB 2010 Intermediate Cambodian I
CAMB 2020 Intermediate Cambodian II

Students can complete the BA language requirement and the language requirement for the Asian Studies Major with Cambodian. The courses can also count as electives for the Asian Studies Major and Minor if Cambodian is a second foreign language. The Southeast Asia track in Asian Studies also includes the following courses:

HIST 3580 Pre-Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 3590 Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 4260 French Colonial Empire
HIST 4765 The Vietnam War
HIST 4865 Race and Gender in Colonial Asia
ARTH 3060 Visual and Material Cultures of Buddhism
ECON 5430 Asian Economic History and Development
ECON 5530 Principles of Economic Development
SW 3720/OC TH 4720 Immigration and Resettlement
BUS 3233 The Global Indian Ocean

For information, please contact International and Area Studies Advisors or see the Asian Studies’ website.