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Lisa Hutton

Academic Advisor
Languages & Literature


The French Minor is a flexible 15-hour degree, designed to benefit a variety of student needs. Beyond French 3040 or 3060 students may freely choose 4 other courses that fit their skills and interests. This degree is an ideal way for the student who has completed the Language Requirement to take his/her French to the next level of competence. The Minor is an indication of functional competence in French. It is also an ideal degree to formalize the linguistic and cultural knowledge of more advanced speakers of French and students who have lived and studied abroad. The French minor is a great way to highlight linguistic and international competence for students with a wide variety of majors. Students are required to declare their minor with the Academic Advisor, Lisa Hutton, at least two semesters before their expected graduation date.

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French Minor Requirement Sheet

French Teaching Minor Requirment Sheet

Last Updated: 7/19/17