QUECH 1010 Beginning Quechua I
QUECH 1020 Beginning Quechua II
QUECH 2010 Intermediate Quechua I
QUECH 2020 Intermediate Quechua II

These courses introduce students to a variety of Quechua (known as Quichua or Kichwa) spoken by indigenous peoples living in the Amazonian region of Ecuador. These courses are offered through a cooperative agreement between the University of Utah, the University of Pittsburgh, and Brigham Young University, in which students from each university join one another in an interactive classroom linked by distance-learning technology. 

Students can complete the BA language requirement and the language requirement for the Latin American Studies Major with Quechua.  Please see the Latin American Studies advisor for information on how these courses will fulfill requirements for the Latin American Studies Major and Minor.

For information, please contact International and Area Studies Advisors or see the Latin American Studies Program website