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BA Language Requirement

For questions please contact Copeland Johnston ( or make an appointment. When contacting an advisor please be sure to use your umail address. 

How to Fulfill the B.A. Language Requirement

B.A. Language Requirement Flowchart (PDF)

Minimal or no previous exposure to a foreign language:  

Complete the 4th semester level (2020) of any foreign language with either a C-/ CR or better.

If within the last five years you have had a class or experience with the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese (simplified), Japanese, or Arabic you MUST take the Language Placement Testto determine which 1000-2000 level class is appropriate.

Extensive experience with a language other than English

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Pass 3060 with a “C-” or better

3060 is for students who have spent at least 1.5 years in a non-English speaking country or area (church service, extended study abroad, for example), bilingual, or native speakers (must be a domestic student).
Passing with a “B-” or better allows the student the opportunity to purchase the 16 lower division credit hours. It is not necessary to purchase the credits to fulfill the BA Language Requirement. Passing the 3060 class will automatically fulfill it. Many student find it helpful to purchase the credits in order to fill in extra lower division elective credits.


Pass a language proficiency test (Language Placement Test, MLA, or FLATS) and purchase the 16 lower division credits

Please visit Purchasing Language Credits for more details on this option. Starting FALL 2012 students can use their score from the Language Placement Test to purchase credits. The placement test is $20. Placing into a 3000+ level class on the Placement Test allows students to purchase the credits for 1010-2020; this will fulfill the BA Language Requirement. The MLA (Modern Language Assessment Test) is no longer available at the U of U Testing center, but we will accept MLA test results for up to a year after it was taken. For languages other than those offered through the Placement Test students may take the FLATS (Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service) through BYU, but proctored at the U of U Testing Center.

*Students who take a test to purchase credits after February 1, 2013 have one year from the test date to buy the credits.     

English as a second language (ESL)

Complete ESL 1050 and 1060 with a grade of C-/CR or better

Contact the Department of Linguistics, 801-581-8047, to see if you qualify to take ESL classes. Passing ESL 1050 or 1060 will automatically fulfill the BA requirement.


Complete WRTG 2010 with a grade of  C-/CR or better.

This option is for students who graduated from high school in a non-English speaking country, and speak English well enough to not need ESL classes. All U of U students are required to take WRTG 2010. When your grade is posted for WRTG 2010, bring a copy of your DARS showing the grade, a student ID, and proof of citizen status (green card, passport, or transcript proving your education outside the U.S., for example) to Copeland Johnston in LNCO 1400. Make an appointment below.


If you have any doubt of which is the correct option for you, either email Copeland Johnston ( or make an appointment.

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