Athens, Greece

athens, greece

Date Range: End of May to End of June

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One cannot fully appreciate the mythology of the ancient Greeks, the religious significance of the original Olympic games, or even the character of Socrates without going to Greece and experiencing with one's own eyes the sheer bulk of the Parthenon, the tranquil beauty of Olympia, and the dusty centrality of the Athenian agora.  Furthermore, it is only when one has traveled from one ancient ruin to another, both on the Greek mainland and on at least some of the islands, that one begins to get a true sense of the paradoxical autonomy and interdependence of ancient Greek city-states as well as of the strategic value--and opportunity for Athenian exploitation--of the Delian League, which played a central role in the Peloponnesian War.

The program will take students to most of the important archaeological sites on the Greek mainland as well as to important sites on several islands, including the significant remains of Minoan culture on Crete and Santorini.  The courses will discuss the history and enduring relevance of the cultures whose remains students will be viewing, and students of the Greek language will be able to read ancient texts at the very sites to which those texts pertain.