Tianjin, China

Tianjin, China

Date Range: Late May to Early July

For study abroad approval please contact: Professor Fusheng Wu

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Tianjin is China’s fourth largest city, a major manufacturing center, and the largest port in northern China. While affluent and cosmopolitan, this metropolis retains the culture and history of traditional China in its smaller streets and alleys. Beijing, the nation’s capital and historic center, is only 90 minutes away by train.You will take courses at one of the most prestigious schools in China, Nankai University, in Tianjin, China. The curriculum consists of 6 weeks of intensive study of Chinese language and culture. Language courses are offered at all levels, beginning through advanced. You will be taking 20 hours a week of language instruction and 6 hours a week in cultural lectures. Lecture topics include Peking Opera, tai chi, calligraphy, history, cuisine, and traditional music. Language courses will be taught in Chinese while cultural lectures will be taught in English. Participants are responsible for meeting the group at the Beijing International Airport at 3:00 pm on the designated date. Group transportation to and from the Beijing Airport to Nankai University is included in the program price, provided the student is present at the designated times (students who are late or choose not to arrive at the designated time will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements and associated costs).

Student Thoughts

"I previously had no experience studying Chinese.  I went to China hoping to learn much. I came back with more than I expected. I learned to love the Chinese people. I wish I could have stayed longer. I learned about there culture, history and so much more. My wife accompanied me over there. I think it helped her to see what it is like to live outside of the country, as that is where my military career will take me."