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University of Utah students can complete the BA language requirement with Vietnamese or choose to major or minor in Asian Studies with Vietnamese as their language.

Language Courses

Vietnamese courses introduce students to the Vietnamese language, spoken by the population of Vietnam and also throughout the world, most notable in East and Southeast Asia, North America Australia, and Western Europe. Vietnamese has been officially recognized as a minority language in the Czech Republic! Students will not only learn the language but will also gain a preliminary understanding of the culture and history of Vietnam.

BA in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies major is designed to provide students with language and cultural competence in a region of Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Russia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia) that can become the foundation for careers in public affairs, public service, business, and many other fields. Students pursuing the major may study Vietnamese as their language and also choose Southeast Asia as their area of focus. Learn more here.

Minor in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies minor is designed to be paired with another major in a discipline, so that students can combine discipline-specific skills with a degree of language and cultural competency. Students pursuing the major may study Cambodian as their language. Learn more here

Last Updated: 7/31/17