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Economy and materiality: Land and water from the Mexicas to El luto humano

Speaker: Dr. Ivonne del Valle (University of California-Berkeley)

A Different Kind of Winter Break

From Salt Lake City to Camerino, Italy, to help the victims of a devastating earthquake.

SL Tribune Interviews Christopher Lewis on Contemporary Mormon Issues in Book Series

Prof. Christopher T. Lewis explains how the newest book in a mystery series set in Utah inhabits very recent events in Mormon culture.

Nathan P. Devir Publishes New Essays on African Jewry

Nathan P. Devir recently published two separate essays in edited volumes dedicated to the subject of neo-Jewish movements in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Featured Courses

Voices from the Empire

Voices from Empire

Empire and the Lusotropicalist Myth in the literature of Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Macao, and Goa.

Featured Students

Featured Student Gus Gochnour

Gus Gochnour

"It has been a blast interning in Germany’s capital for the last 4 months. Learning about the German culture, and language in the class room is one thing, but being able to live and breathe German every day is a special experience."

Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications

Anne Lair

ENCORE (Wynne Wong, Stacey Weber-Fève, Anne Lair, Bill VanPatten), Cengage © 2018, is an intermediate-level proficiency- and communicative-oriented program in French, and guided by communicative approach and research in second language acquisition.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Immerse Yourself!

Our faculty-led Learning Abroad programs offer the opportunity to study language and culture in a number of countries across the world.


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