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Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A community for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind and their families: Promoting connections, awareness and equity, while inspiring greatness.

Sanderson Center

Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals meet, socialize and learn at the Sanderson Center. The classrooms are built with “Deaf eyes” in mind. Assistive listening systems are also installed throughout the building. Deaf sporting events and tournaments make the Gym most popular place at the Center.

The Sanderson Community Center offers an array of services again funded with state monies such as: Community Education classes; Counseling; Case Management; Vocational Rehabilitation services; Senior Citizen programs; Independent Living services; Hard of Hearing Adjustment training; Interpreter training and Certification; Technology Demonstration, Installation and Repair; Disabled Deaf programs; and a Bookstore run by the Utah Association for the Deaf, Inc.

The Center can provide these same services and classes to rural or remote cities via videoconferencing. The Sanderson Center is where Deaf and Hard of Hearing organizations hold their meetings and have their socials. It is also a place where you can just drop by if you are feeling alone and need to communicate with other Deaf individuals.

Last Updated: 5/10/17