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Purchasing Language Credits

Information and FAQs About Language Placement Testing

  • Although information about purchasing language credit may be found on other websites, this page is the official policy of the Department of World Languages and Cultures, updated Spring 2020.
  • Students who demonstrate proficiency above the 2020 level in a foreign language are eligible to purchase lower-division credits for that foreign language.
  • You may either purchase credits to fulfill the BA Language Requirement or to obtain additional credits toward your Total Semester Credit Hour Requirement:
    • If you are purchasing credit to fulfill the BA Language Requirement, you must have a total of 16 language credits on your degree audit. You may only purchase the difference between the maximum number of credits (16) and the number of lower-division language credits you already have on your degree audit.
      • For example, if you have already been awarded 8 credits through an AP World Language Exam, you would only be eligible to purchase 8 credits for a total of 16.
    • If you are purchasing credit for additional elective credit toward your Total Semester Credit Hour Requirement, you may purchase credits in increments of 4, potentially up to 16 total credits.
  • International Students are not eligible to purchase credits in their native language.
  • Students may only purchase credit for one foreign language, for a maximum of 16 credits.
  • Purchased credits are NON-REFUNDABLE; make sure you need the credits before purchasing them.
  • Purchased credits are lower-division (1010-2020 level) and they do not count towards any language major or minor.
  • Purchased credits will not have a grade and will not affect a student’s GPA.
  • Purchased credits cost $40 per credit hour, a significant discount from regular tuition rates. If you are purchasing 16 credits, the total cost will be $640 (16 credits x $40 per credit = $640).

  • WLC Language Placement Test (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Simplified, and Spanish only):
    • You must place into the 3000-level on the WLC Placement Test in order to demonstrate proficiency to purchase credits.
    • You must be a registered student at the University of Utah and have a University of Utah ID number.
    • Please see the Placement Test page for more information.
  • AP World Language Exam:
    • You must score a 4 or a 5 on an AP World Language Exam in order to demonstrate proficiency to purchase credits in that language.
  • Language Proficiency Tests:
    • If the language in which you are proficient is not an available language on the WLC Language Placement Test, the FLATS test is a convenient alternative that offers a wider range of languages. FLATS is offered by BYU and can be proctored at the U of U Testing Center. Although the FLATS test results list 12 credits, you will be eligible to purchase up to 16 credits at the U of U. For more information on the FLATS test, please see this website. You must receive a grade of Pass in all sections on the FLATS in order to demonstrate proficiency to purchase credits in that language.
    • An ASL Proficiency Test from Gallaudet University called the ASLPI can be found here. You will need to achieve a score of 2 in order to use the ASLPI to demonstrate proficiency to purchase credits.
    • If you would like to demonstrate your language proficiency with another proficiency test, please contact a WLC Academic Advisor at
  • 3060 Language Class:
    • If you are a heritage speaker of a language, or have otherwise had at least 1.5 years of extensive experience in that language environment, you are eligible to register for the 3060 class for that language without taking a placement test.
    • You must achieve a grade of B- or better in the 3060 class in order to demonstrate proficiency to purchase credits.

  • If you took the WLC Placement Test, please know the date you took the test.
  • If you took another proficiency test, including the FLATS test, please have the administering institution email our office directly at with the results.
  • Please set up a FERPA pin prior to your appointment.
  • Make an appointment with a WLC Academic Advisor here.
  • During the appointment, the Academic Advisor will verify your eligibility, verify your identity with your FERPA pin, view your Degree Audit, and talk you through the rest of the process for purchasing credits.
  • You and the Academic Advisor will fill out a Petition for Language Credits form. 
  • Your form will then be sent via email to the Income Accounting Office. Your Umail email address will be cc'd, so you must make sure you are checking your Umail account. You must pay for the credits within 90 days of filling out the Petition for Language Credits form. Payment will be arranged via phone with the Income Accounting Office. 
  • The credit hours will appear on your Degree Audit one to four weeks after being processed by Income Accounting and the Office of Admissions. If the credits do not appear on your Degree Audit after four weeks, contact or the U of U Office of Admissions to check on the status of your credits.
  • If you see the credits on your Degree Audit, but they are not fulfilling your BA Language Requirement, email a WLC Academic Advisor to fix the problem.
Last Updated: 9/28/20