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Students majoring in Classics choose between a specialization in ancient Greek or Latin language and literature. The program consists of a year of language acquisition with focus on the phonology, morphology, grammar and syntax of Greek and Latin. A second year of Intermediate Greek or Latin introduces the student to key authors such as Homer and Plato or Cicero and Virgil. Upper division courses offer intensive studies of major authors in both prose and poetry with offerings in epic, drama, lyric poetry, philosophy and history. The capstone allows the student to choose a specific area and topic for a project which demonstrates his/her skills in language, theory and writing.

Classics Major: Greek Specialization

A downloadable PDF of the Greek Major Requirement sheets is available here:

Greek Specialization Requirement Sheet

Classics Major: Latin Specialization

A downloadable PDF of the Latin Major Requirement sheets is available here:

Latin Specialization Requirement Sheet

Last Updated: 5/21/19