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Graduate Sooner!

Announcing the following changes to the German major and minor to help you graduate sooner
and make it easier for you to double-major!

Changes include:

Exciting new courses

Expanded range of classes and schedule time slots

More flexible ways to get German credit

New courses:

GERM 3050: Topics in German Culture, with an emphasis on German film!

GERM 4060: Advanced Grammar

GERM 4900: Love, War, and Betrayal in the German Middle Ages

And many more!


Take 1-credit German conversation course (GERM 3600) 3 times for 3 credits toward the major/minor! (can also be combined with 1-credit CLAC sections for major/minor credit)

Also choose from approved courses taught in English for German credit (Medieval History, Modern Germany, Holocaust and Remembrance, etc.)

Earn German Service Learning credits during our summer study abroad program in Kiel!

For majors:

Either WLC 2010 (formerly LANG 2010) orWLC 2020 (formerly LANG 2020) now required for major, not both!

For minors:

Either GERM 3550 or GERM 3560 now required for minor, not both!

Our degree will provide you with the linguistic proficiency, critical-analytical skills, and cultural knowledge to help you succeed in a global, changing world!

Changes officially go into effect for majors declared August 2017 or after, but you can start choosing them earlier. See Academic Adviser Lisa Hutton for information;

For more details about the program, see Section Representative Prof. Joseph Metz:

Last Updated: 8/3/18