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The Department of World Languages & Cultures offers Hindi and Urdu language classes (Beginning, Intermediate and directed readings), as well as courses related to literature, society and cultures of South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). In the language classes, students start with learning the Devanagari script (‘Hindi’) and Urdu Nastaliq script can be added to that in the following semesters. In this way, students gain access to two written languages of South Asia. Learning any Indian language will allow more in-depth knowledge of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi culture. Content courses on South Asia are taught in English and can be of interest to students majoring in amongst others Asian Studies, International Studies, Literature, Film, History, Business, and could eventually show the student the benefits of learning Hindi-Urdu when interested in South Asia. Any of the courses can count towards an Asian Studies major.


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Last Updated: 8/3/18