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Minor in Korean

The Korean Studies Minor

To graduate with a Korean & Korean Studies minor at the University of Utah, you must complete fifteen credits in a combination of required and elective courses. Third- and/or Fourth-year Korean and a Korean culture and literature course are required, for a total of nine credits. Two electives of three credits each complete the required fifteen credits. Currently, the required courses are as follows:

  • Third-Year Korean (1st Semester): KOREA 3060 (With instructor approval, KOREA 3070 may replace this.)
  • Advanced Korean Reading and Composition: KOREA 4060 (KOREA 3070 may replace this.)
  • Korean Culture through Literature and Film: KOREA 3100 (taught in English)

Note: If your proficiency allows you to skip Third-Year, or you take only KOREA 3070 from the first two bullet points above, you must still make up 3 credits of advanced language from any of the following options: KOREA 3200, 3700, and 4810.

Non-language electives can include most courses that carry a 25% or more Korean component. Some of these are listed in the chart below. For certain courses, you will need the approval of program faculty.

Korean Minor Requirement Sheet

For questions about the eligibility of courses not listed above, or of courses taken outside the U, please consult with program faculty. 

Last Updated: 9/3/19