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Featured Student: Hillary Hermansen

Congratulations are in order for Hillary Hermansen, a student of Portuguese and English here at the U, for being selected as the 2016 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Researcher for the College of Humanities! 

hillary hermansen portrait

Hillary's research project focused on narrative mediation and translation of Clarice Lispector's The Hour of the Star. In her own words, she "analyzed and compared various aspects and complications of narrating and translating between various perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. [She] focused on language's inability to accurately convey the truth, as Clarice called it, which is kind of like a signified. And yet without language, we would never have access to language written in another language or to people we have never met."

After she graduates, she plans to work for a while as a high school English teacher before ultimately pursuing graduate study in the humanities.


Last Updated: 6/5/24