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Image and Memory: Visual Practices from Contemporary Peru

An event series with Peruvian Filmmaker Sofía Velázquez

"Cine peruano
contemporáneo y memoria"
April 6th, 2017
3:00 - 6:00pm

"Violencia política y cultura visual"
April 10th, 2017
11:50am - 1:10pm
BEH S 106
Event will be in Spanish

"Retrato peruano del Perú"
Screening and Q&A (English)
April 10th, 2017
3:00 - 6:00pm
LNCO Lounge


Through the screening of short films from the last decade, we will review and analyze the different audiovisual representations of individual and collective memory around the stages of conflict and post-conflict in Peru. How is social memory represented? Through which audiovisual devices do those films interpellate the past? How does the personal relate to the political, and how are they negotiated in a post-conflict society?

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