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The Portuguese & Brazilian Studies Minor at the University of Utah encompasses courses across several departments and includes faculty members from World Languages & Culture (Christopher Lewis and Max Seawright), Art History (Elena Shtromberg), History (Hugh Cagle), and others. Upper-division offerings in Portuguese are interdisciplinary and most can also be counted towards a major or minor in either International Studies or Latin American Studies.

Portuguese & Brazilian Studies Minor Requirements

For students who have never taken a lower-level language course, passing the first requirement for the minor, PTGSE 3060 (with a B- or better), also makes one eligible for purchasing 16 lower-division credit hours at a reduced rate of $40 per credit. Complete information about purchasing credit is available here.

The University of Utah offers Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students for both summer and academic-year study of Portuguese — in residence or abroad. These awards may be used for the completion of the Portuguese minor.

Last Updated: 5/22/19