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These courses introduce students to a variety of Quechua/Kichwa dialects spoken by indigenous peoples living in the Amazon and Andean regions of Ecuador. Scientific and environmental themes provide insight regarding the ways of living and representing the world embedded in the language. Students will engage in local knowledge and Kichwa narratives about glaciers, climate change, animals, and plants.  Quechua/Kichwa is taught by a native-language speaker at the University of Wisconsin Madison through a distance-learning format i.e. video conferencing. 

All language classes are offered in a series beginning in the Fall semester (1010 and 2010) and concluding in the Spring semester (1020 and 2020), and will count towards the foreign language credits required to complete a Bachelor of Arts. 

Quechua is among the less commonly taught languages eligible for Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowships (FLAS).  Visit for more info.




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