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PhD in Spanish

The Department of World Languages and Cultures will not open admissions for the PhD emphasis in Spanish for the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18.

The PhD emphasis in Spanish offers advanced study in the fields of Latin American and Peninsular literary and cultural studies. PhD students have the opportunity to work closely with the Spanish faculty, which is especially rich in the fields of U.S. Latino and Border Studies, Subaltern Studies (gender, indigenous, postcolonial) and Transatlantic Studies, as well as the genres of theatre, performance and poetry. Throughout the PhD program, students are mentored in establishing career goals and in networking with the wider research community in order to improve employability. Through rigorous coursework, students are taught to work both independently and co-operatively towards expressing original and critical ideas. PhD students also have the opportunity to work with the department’s many linguists for coursework in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). During the summer, doctoral candidates have an opportunity to teach not only basic language, but also upper-division courses. Students at all levels of Spanish graduate study are strongly encouraged to spend time abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of the department's M.A. with an emphasis in Spanish, or an equivalent degree from another university is required. Significant deficiencies in this preparatory coursework must be made up before admission into PhD status; for minor deficiencies, admission is possible, but make-up courses may be added as additional requirements to those outlined below.

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Last Updated: 3/31/17