Undergraduate Program

With ten majors, fourteen minors, and several interdisciplinary programs, the Department of World Languages and Cultures is one of the largest departments in the College of Humanities. We offer classes to students seeking a deeper understanding of foreign cultures through the study of language, literature, and society.

Although we are a large research university, our classes have smaller sizes and our professors are involved with the students in their majors and know many or all by name. As you progress in one or more of our majors or minors, you’ll find that there is support to be found from faculty, instructors, your advisor, and your peers.

Undergraduate degrees in foreign languages and literatures provide multiple skills necessary for future employment or graduate studies, including critical thinking and analytical reasoning, ethical decision making, teamwork and collaboration in diverse group settings, and of course the ability to communicate both in writing and orally in more than one language. To learn more about our undergraduate programs, use the tabs at the top of the page to research majors, minors, academic advising, and more.

What do our Undergraduate students have to say about the Department of World Languages and Cultures?

  • “I learned I can do hard things. I learned to understand ancient Chinese! I learned a caring professor can make all the difference in my learning experience.”
  • “I learned how to think! Studying in the World Languages and Cultures Department taught me how to think critically about social ideologies and how to convey my own ideas (in two languages).”
  • “I think my understanding of other cultures is probably the most valuable thing I gained.”
  • “I learned about an entire world that exists right under my nose. And more than that, I’ve learned much about myself. My time in university has revealed the true me that I’d never seen before.”
Last Updated: 11/28/16