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About Samoan

Samoan is a Polynesian language spoken primarily on the islands that compose American Samoa and Western Samoa in the Pacific Ocean. Samoan belongs to the Western Polynesian or Samoic-Outlier subgroup of Polynesian languages, along with languages such as East Futunan, Ellicean, Pukupukan, Tikopian, and Nukuoro. In American Samoa, it is the official language, alongside English, and is the first language of 246,000 people in the Samoa Islands’ population.

Samoan Courses

The University of Utah offers beginning and intermediateSamoan language courses taught by a native-language speaker.  Samoan language courses are offered in the fall semester (1010 and 2010) and continuing into the spring (1020 and 2020).

Samoan language classes count towards the foreign language credits required to complete a Bachelor of Arts.

Courses Offered: 

SAMOA 1010 

SAMOA 1020 

SAMOA 2010 

SAMOA 2020 

FLAS Scholarship

The Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship (FLAS) is provided by the Asia Center. For FAQs, application, and other information on the FLAS scholarship, click the button below.



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Last Updated: 6/5/24