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German Program

Learning German introduces you to the lands of ideas and diversity. Germany has Europe’s strongest economy and plays a central role in current issues such as the environment, politics, migration, and 21st-century globalization.

Germany is a leader in innovation and creativity and a major force in international business, engineering, and science. German speakers have played a prominent role in literature, art, music, and philosophy. German is one of the world’s major languages and is the most widely spoken language in the European Union after English.


German Major

Our degree will provide you with the linguistic proficiency, critical-analytical skills, and cultural knowledge to help you succeed in a global, changing world! 

German is an official language of five European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein) and serves as the lingua franca of Central and Eastern Europe. It is a commonly spoken language in many other areas and has growing numbers of learners worldwide, notably in Brazil, China, and India.

Students are required to declare their major at least two semesters before their expected graduation date. Please visit our Undergraduate Advising page for more information. 

Required Courses

33 Total Credits

Completed at least 1 of the following

WLC2010 Introduction to the Study of Literature and Culture (3)
WLC2020 Language in Society (3)

Completed at least 1 of the following

GERM3040 Topics in Literature and Culture (3)
GERM3060 Grammar and Reading (3)

 Completed the following

GERM3550 Introduction to German Studies (3)
GERM3560 Introduction to German Speaking Cultures (3)

3000-level Electives
Earned at least 12 credits from the following

GERM3050 Topics in German Culture (3)
GERM3600 Intermediate German Conversation (1)
GERM3750 From Grimm to Disney - The Birth of the Modern Fairy Tale (3)
GERM3900 Special Topics (1 - 3)
GERM3903 Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum: German (1)
GERM3940 Community Engaged Learning (3)
HIST3190 Modern Germany (3)
CLCS3700 Holocaust and Remembrance (3)

4000-level Elective Courses
Earned at least 6 credits from the following

GERM4060 Advanced German Grammar (3)
GERM4900 Special Topics (.5 - 3)
HIST4130 Early Medieval Social and Cultural History (3)


Completed one practicum (3) - see Advisor for options

Minimum Degree Hours

122 Total Credits

Minimum Major Hours

33 Total Credits

All classes must be passed with a C or better
Students must take at least 15 credits of the major in residence at the University of Utah
A maximum of 6 credits may be taken from HIST/CLCS

German MAJOR REQUIREMENTS   WLC Practicum Options

German Minor

Students are required to declare their minor at least two semesters before their expected graduation date. Please visit our Undergraduate Advising page for more information.

German Minor

Required Courses

15 Total Credits

Third-Year Course

Complete at least 1 of the following

GERM3040 Topics in Literature and Culture (3)
GERM3060 Grammar and Reading (3)

Complete at least 1 of the following

GERM3550 Introduction to German Studies (3)
GERM3560 Introduction to German Speaking Cultures (3)


Earned at least 9 credits from GERM 3000 - 5999, excluding

GERM3040 Topics in Literature and Culture (3)
GERM3060 Grammar and Reading (3)
GERM3600 Intermediate German Conversation (1)

Minimum Minor Hours

15 Total Credits

All courses must be passed with a C or better.
At least 6 credits of minor requirements must be taken in residence at the University of Utah


Student Opportunities

We encourage our students to take advantage of the many student opportunities offered through our program and our university, including learning abroad, internships and scholarships.

Learning Abroad

A wide range of exchange programs exists for between the University of Utah and Germany. 
Discover learning abroad opportunities in Germany!

View Learning Abroad Opportunities


University of Utah Scholarships

The Department of World Languages and Cultures, College of Humanities, and University offer many Scholarship opportunities.

View and Apply for Scholarships

University of Utah Scholarships

2,000 grants are awarded to US students and professors annually to study and research in Germany. Go to DAAD and Fullbright for scholarship information.

DAAD Scholarships Fulbright Scholarships


RISE- Research Internships in Science and Engineering

Summertime internships with German doctoral students at universities and research institutions--no German required!
Date for applying: Early December

Apply for RISE 

RISE Professional

Students about to complete their bachelor's or undergrads who are DAAD alumni can apply for these summer internships with German companies.
Application deadline: Late January

Apply for Rise Professional


 Summer program in Berlin for American journalism and communications students with advanced-intermediate German.
Application deadline: Late January

Apply for InterXchange

Paper Submissions


Green Talent Competition

Join the Competition and get the chance to visit the hot spots of sustainability research in Germany.

Enter Green Talent Competition

Graduate Sooner

Announcing the following changes to the German major and minor to help you graduate sooner and make it easier for you to double-major! Changes include exciting new courses, expanded range of classes and schedule time slots, and more flexible ways to get German credit!

New Courses

GERM 3050:
 Topics in German Culture, with an emphasis on German film!
GERM 4060: Advanced Grammar
GERM 4900: Love, War, and Betrayal in the German Middle Ages
And many more!


Take 1-credit German conversation course (GERM 3600) 3 times for 3 credits toward the major/minor! (can also be combined with 1-credit CLAC sections for major/minor credit)

Also choose from approved courses taught in English for German credit (Medieval History, Modern Germany, Holocaust and Remembrance, etc.)

Earn German Service Learning credits during our summer study abroad program in Kiel!

For Majors

 WLC 2010 (formerly LANG 2010) or WLC 2020 (formerly LANG 2020) now required for major, not both!

For Minors

 GERM 3550 or GERM 3560 now required for minor, not both!

Career Opportunities - Why Study German?

Your possibilities are unlimited when you study German. “Made in” Germany, Austria, or Switzerland are labels that signal quality of products, design, and lifestyle. That reputation translates into business and career opportunities, intellectual achievements, and vibrant cultural exchanges. Learning German unlocks the door to many career paths.

  • Germany is one of the most important trading partners of the United States. German-American relations for the past 65 years have been, and will continue to be, the bedrock of transatlantic relations.
  • Germany is the third largest investor in the US, the fourth largest national economy worldwide and the largest in the European Union.
  • German companies, such as Adidas, BASF, Bayer, Bosch, Lufthansa, SAP, Siemens, T-Mobile or Volkswagen account for 800,000 jobs in the US (making them the third largest group of foreign employers in the country), and US companies have created approximately the same number of jobs in Germany.
  • The competitiveness and desirability of “Made in Germany” products are indicated by Germany’s substantial trade surplus—162 Billion Euros ($209 Billion).
  • Knowing German can boost your annual salary in the US by 4%, in Europe by even more.


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Career-Line Faculty

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Last Updated: 9/28/20