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Italian Program

The Department of World Languages & Cultures and the Language Center offer classes in Italian Language, Culture, and Literature. Since 2007, the program also includes a Minor in Italian. Studying in a small program within a large and diverse department is advantageous in many ways. Our small size classes allow individual attention for the student and the subject taught in all courses.

Why study Italian?

Italy holds a dear place in the American imagination. Who could imagine dinner without pizza and spaghetti? World literature courses always include Dante’s Divine Comedy. Films such as the Godfather and TV series such as the Sopranos have influenced what Americans think about Italy. Opera fans swoon over the passionate love stories in La Traviata and Aida, and art lovers long to admire Michelangelo’s masterpieces at least once in their lifetime.

Italian not only is a beautiful and incredibly melodic language. Italian is spoken in a country with an exceptionally rich culture and history. Wherever you go in Italy, you will find astonishing ancient, medieval, Renaissance and modern art of all kind.

Italian Minor

For assistance with requirements for the completion of the Italian Minor, please visit the Undergraduate Advising page.


Required Courses

15 Total Credits

Required Courses

Complete all of the following

Complete at least one of the following

ITAL3040 Extensive Reading and Composition (3)
ITAL3060 Advanced Grammar Review (3)

Complete the following

ITAL3800 Italian Literature in Translation(3)

Elective Courses

Complete all of the following

Complete the following 

ITAL3700 Italian Cinema (3)
ITAL4550 Topics in Italian Culture (3)

Earned at least 3 credits from the following

ITAL3330 Extensive Reading and Discussion (3)
ITAL3940 Community Engaged Learning (3)
ITAL4900 Special Topics (1 - 4)
ARTH3200 Renaissance Europe (3)
ARTH3210 Italian Renaissance Art (3)
ARTH3250 Baroque Art in Europe (3)
HIST4010 Roman Republic (3)
HIST4020 Roman Empire (3)
HIST4040 Christianity in the Ancient World (3)
HIST4050 Christianity in the Medieval World (3)
FILM2500 Introduction to Film Production (4)


Minimum Degree Hours

15 Total Credits

  • All courses must be passed with a C or better.
  • At least 6 credits of minor requirements must be taken in residence at the University of Utah.

Students with advanced language skills (e.g., native speakers, heritage speakers, students who have lived for an extended period abroad) should not enroll in first, second, and some third-year courses. If you do not know what your language level is or if you think your situation justifies petitioning for an exception, contact the WLC advisors before enrolling in classes. For pedagogical reasons, the department reserves the right to remove advanced speakers who have not successfully petitioned from classes not appropriate for their language level.


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Salt Lake Italian Club

The Italian Club of Salt Lake (ICSL) was established to promote Italian culture in the Salt Lake community through education and social activities. Our social events serve as an excellent opportunity to meet individuals of similar backgrounds, interests and a love for Italy! Plus, students of the language will be able to put into practice the vocabulary and concepts learned in the classroom.

Visit Italian Club of Salt Lake's Website 


Your faculty members in French Studies are passionate researchers and teachers. Check out some of our published work: SUNY Press and Mise en scène culinaire: Le repas de fête de Gervaise dans L'Assommoir.

Having five full-time faculty members in the French Studies Program means individualized attention is provided for each French student.

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