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About the WLC Major: Persian Emphasis

Persian language can be studied as an emphasis in the World Languages and Cultures major. Students will not only learn the language but will also gain a preliminary understanding of the cultures connected to the language.  Historically, Persian, also known as Farsi, has been spoken from the Middle East to India, but today, is understood in parts of Armenia, Azerbaijan, India, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey.


A major in World Languages and Cultures: Persian includes 21-22 credits in the Persian emphasis, combined with 9 core credits, 6 perspective elective credits, and a 3-credit practicum for a total of 39-40 credits. This comparative approach allows students to gain a depth of knowledge in their chosen emphasis, while also exploring a breadth of topics in global cultural studies.  

WLC Major: Persian Emphasis Curriculum Degree Requirements

Total credits required for degree: 39-40 credits

WLC Core Courses
Complete all of the following (9 credits)

WLC 2010: Introduction to Literature and Culture (3 credits)

CLCS 3610: Thinking  Comparatively (3 credits)

CLCS 4610: What Matters (3 credits)

Comparative Perspectives Electives
Complete 6 credits of the following

Comparative electives are designed to provide students with wide global perspectives and thus cannot come from the languages/regions used in their emphasis.

CL CV4550: Ancient Myth and Religion (taught in English)

CLCS 3720: Empathy, Medicine, and the Human Condition (taught in English)

CLCS 3900: African Cinema (taught in English)

CLCS 4900: Special Topics (taught in English)

HINDI 4630: Bollywood - Seeing India through Indo-Pakistani Film

HINDI 4610: Indo-Pakistan Literature and Media

JAPAN 4570: Multicultural Japan (taught in English)

JAPAN/KOREA 4580: Japanese Empire to Korean Wave: Popular Culture in Motion (taught in English)

PERS 4325: Hyphenated Lives: Muslim-Americans in the U.S. (taught in English)

PTGSE 4710: Luso-Brazilian Cinema (taught in English)

RUSS 3580: Russia and Asia (taught in English)

ANTH 3110: Women Cross Culturally

ANTH 3134: Language, Thought and Culture: Anthropology of the Human Mind

COMM 3770: Cross Cultural Documentary

COMM 5620: International Communication

ENGL 3600: Introduction to Critical Theory

ENGL 3780: Global/Transnational Literature

ENGL 5775: Holocaust Literature

ETHNC 5350: Diaspora, Transnationalism & US Community

FILM 3110: History of Film until 1952

FILM 3120: History of Film from 1952

FILM 3270: The Foreign Eye: Exilic, Diasporic, and Border Cinema

LING 3470: Language and Culture

LING 3600: Cross Cultural Communication

MUSC 3600: World Music 

PHIL 3640: World Religions

SOC 3741: Migrants & Communities 

THEA 4701: Gender on the Global Stage

WRTG 4010: Writing across Borders

WRTG 4050: Writing & Cultural Rhetorics  

Required Courses
Complete all of the following (16 credits)

PERS 2020*: Intermediate Persian II (4 credits)

PERS 3010: Third Year Persian I (3 credits)

PERS 3020: Third Year Persian II (3 credits)

PERS 4010: Advanced Persian Language Skills I (3 credits)

PERS 4880: God, Love & Mysticism (taught in English; 3 credits)

ITAL 3800: History of the Italian Language (taught in English; 3 credits)

*Students who are placed above PERS 2020 can substitute with an additional PERS elective

WLC Electives
Complete 6 credits of the following

PERS 4020: Advanced Persian Language Skills II

PERS 4325: Hyphenated Lives: Muslim-Americans in the U.S.

HIST 3398: History of the Middle East 1798-1914

HIST 3400: Middle East since 1914

POLS 5420: European Union



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FLAS Scholarship

Persian is an approved language for a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships, a federally funded awards offered through the University of Utah's Asia Center. These scholarships provide funding for undergraduate and graduate students who study modern foreign languages and related area studies, and students learning Persian are encouraged to apply!



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