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WLC Comparative Literature

About the WLC Comparative Literature Emphasis

In this emphasis, you will study and compare the literature, arts, and media of at least two non-English-speaking cultures using the target languages at the advanced level. You will explore themes across cultures and time periods, compare national literatures and cultures, learn and apply international literary and cultural theories, and analyze diverse types of texts (literary, visual, musical, etc.). Your upper-division work in non-English languages will allow you to approach the cultures you study at an in-depth level that is especially beneficial for future academic study, intercultural understanding, foreign language proficiency, and the development of skills that are highly sought after by employers (including those involved in various forms of international work).

In addition, you will learn essential citizenship and leadership skills of critical thinking, analytical writing, and communication—skills that are crucial for intelligent and humanely responsible action in a complex, increasingly globalizing world.

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World Languages & Cultures Major - Comparative Literature Emphasis

A major in World Languages and Cultures with an emphasis in Comparative Literature includes 16-18 credits in the language courses, combined with 9 core credits, 6 perspective elective credits, and a 3-credit practicum for a total of 34-36 credits. This comparative approach allows students to gain a depth of knowledge in their chosen emphasis, while also exploring a breadth of topics in global cultural studies.

WLC Major: Comparative Literature Emphasis Curriculum Degree Requirements

Total credits required for degree: 34-36 credits


Note that this plan is a prediction of courses but does not guarantee this exact availability of courses. Also note that students with prior language learning experience do not necessarily need to begin at the 1010 level and should visit our Language Placement FAQ page for questions about where to begin.

World Languages & Cultures Minor

The World Languages and Cultures minor allows students to take courses from a variety of departments related to world cultural studies.  

WLC Minor Requirements

Total credits required for minor: 21 credits



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