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French Literary and Cultural Studies

Bienvenue aux études françaises et francophones à l’Université de l’Utah ! Our program is designed to introduce students to the language, literature, arts, and cultures of the French-speaking world. Whether you major or minor in French Studies, your curriculum begins with intensive grammar and progresses through the cultural history of l’Hexagone (France) and many of the more than 50 other nations today that use the French language. Numerous opportunities for financial support, research (UROP) and teaching (USET) initiatives, and honors and awards—including membership in Pi Delta Phi, the French National Honor Society, are available through the department and university. We encourage our undergraduate students to be pro-active in seeking out these opportunities, and we help in every way we can.

Your faculty members in French Studies are passionate researchers and teachers. Check out some of our published work: SUNY Press and Mise en scène culinaire: Le repas de fête de Gervaise dans L'Assommoir.

Why study French at the U?

Five full-time faculty members in French Studies means individualized attention for each French student. Competency in French language and culture is a gateway to local and international work in translation, business, teaching, diplomacy, medicine, law, social and community work, and, of course, graduate literary and cultural studies. A department like ours is something like a small liberal arts college that caters to individual student needs, promotes programmatic innovation, and fosters forward thinking and intellectual freedom. This freedom is reflected in coursework, which you will find engages a wide variety of subjects from film to fashion, epic to lyric, the romanesque to romance, painting to porcelain, and dramas of revolution, nationhood, otherness, and identity.

What students are saying:

"The classes I’ve taken in the French program have gone above and beyond my expectations. The program offers a diverse range of classes — from film, poetry, and fairy tales to Francophone cultures and Medieval and Renaissance literature. Students will not only learn the language, they will learn about the culture – and they will have a lot of fun doing so." ….Molly Barnewitz

"Voltaire wants you to study French. You're not going to disappoint Voltaire, are you?" ….Jonathan Lusty

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Last Updated: 8/2/18