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There is no placement exam for Russian. If you have had Russian before coming to the University of Utah, please contact Professor Jane Hacking,, for placement within the program. Please provide the following information: Place, time, and duration of Russian study and titles of textbooks used, grammar covered, etc.

Church or Civil Service in Russian: Those who have 18-24 months of experience in Russia or Ukraine (e.g., LDS missionaries, living abroad, or military service) should begin with Russian 3060. Students may buy 16 hours of credit if they complete Russian 3060 with a B- or better. These hours fulfill the University of Utah's language requirement but do not count toward the major or minor (since they are the equivalent of first and second year). Students in this category cannot take Russian (RUSS) classes below the 3060 level.

Students are required to declare their major at least two semesters before their expected graduation date.

Please visit our Undergraduate Advising page for more information.

Russian Major Requirement Sheet

Last Updated: 5/22/19